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Added: 13th December 2016 Updated: 13th December 2016

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Elk Studios Software Review

Elk Studios is another prominent casino game developer out of Sweden. Established in 2012, Elk Studios’ focus has been quality over quantity. The end result is a small number of inventive games that are unlike anything else in the industry. They also offer unique betting strategies to choose from while you play. Let’s take a closer look at Elk Studios’ slots along with the betting strategy options.

Elk Studio Slots

At the time of this writing, Elk offers the following slots: Bloopers, Champion’s Goal, DJ Wild, Electric Sam, Poltava: Flames of War, Taco Brothers: Saving Christmas, The Lab, and Wild Toro. One thing that we find interesting about Elk Studios’ games is how the scenery changes dramatically between each game.

For example, you’re in a small Mexican town in Taco Brothers, while Poltava takes you to the Great Northern War between Sweden and Russia. In another comparison: Electric Sam owns a casino based on a scary Troll Forest, while Champion’s Goal takes you onto the pitch to enjoy an exciting football match.

Graphics and Bonuses

What really stands out about Elk Studios’ slots is the graphics, which not only look great, but also differ from the industry norm. Elk Studios uses a mix of oversized symbols and interesting backgrounds to create a unique atmosphere.

You can also expect plenty of memorable characters among the symbols, For instance, Taco Brothers features 3 brothers, the evil Captain Diaz, and the Senorita. Another example is Electric Sam, who runs a casino with his family.

As for the bonuses, Elk Studios slots offer free spins, scatter payouts, re-spins, and multipliers. While this might sound typical within the industry, Elk does a good job of incorporating their characters into the bonuses.

One example is Wild Toro, where Toro the bull charges at the Matador and leaves behind wild symbols in his path.

Betting Strategies

Yet another way that Elk Studios manages to separate themselves from most online slots is by offering advanced betting strategies. These are fun for times when you want to increase or decrease your bet without having to stop the action and do so manually every time.

The different betting strategies include the following:

Jumper – Bet level will increase following every winning round until you reach 4 levels above the base level. Bet level will reset to the base after any loss.

Leveler – Bet level will increase 2 steps after 5 concurrent losing rounds; after another 5 losing wagers, the bet level increases 2 more steps. Bet level resets to the original level after a win.

Booster – Bet level will increase one step after each losing round until you’ve reached 4 levels above the base wager. The bet level is reset after any win.

Final Thoughts on Elk Studios Software

If you’re looking for casino games that go beyond the industry standard of 5-reel slots with decent graphics, then it’s definitely worth checking out Elk Studios’ software. They do a good job of creating characters and adding rich backstories to their slots. We also like how the bonuses incorporate the characters’ personas (i.e. the charging bull discussed above).

In summary, we highly recommend checking out Elk Studios’ games when you want a new gaming experience.

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