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Added: 4th November 2014 Updated: 4th November 2014

Website Min. Deposit Max. Deposit Average Withdrawal Time 10 1000 3-7 Days

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PaySafeCard is a service that lets you pay and deposit at online casinos using your cash. 

How does PaySafeCard work?

First you walk into any of the 450,000+ outlets that PaySafeCard has worldwide and purchase a PaySafeCard using cash or any other payment method. Once you have your card you can visit any online casino that offers the PaySafeCard deposit method and make a deposit with total security. 

Where can I find an Outlet?

Lookout for the "PayPoint" sign thats displayed prominently in local stores around the world, or visit the PaySafeCard website and serach for your closest outlet.

The beneifts of PaySafeCard come in the privacy, security and peace of mind they give you when making deposits at online casinos or simply when shopping online. For those of us a little worried about what data we are flooding into the online ether it is a good payment option to have. 

If you're looking for an online casino that offers the PaySafeCard deposit option, head over to the Online Casino Search tool or checkout the featured PaySafeCard casinos displayed on this page. 

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