Yggdrasil Casino Table Games (A Game Changer?)

Yggdrasil Casino Table Games (A Game Changer?)

Yggdrasil Casino Table Games (A Game Changer?)

Casino News 24th May 2018


Yggdrasil Poised to Enter & Transform Table Games Vertical - Is this a Roulette & Blackjack Game Changer?

What was once considered a low-profile game provider with a few titles of its portfolio sliding through game selections is now set to dictate and redefine the online gaming industry. Yggdrasil only appeared back in 2013, and while it is enough time to establish some kind of public image, it is still far from enough to win over a massive market segment.

In order to overcome this matter, Yggdrasil has taken on a different approach, at first focusing on several new online casino platforms for their game selection, and later on expanding their offering. Namely, the company made its entrance in the industry as a slot game provider, each title featuring excellent graphics, animations, storylines, and themes. They established close ties with the Jackpotjoy Group and their collection of online casino brands, where they stepped into the spotlight for the first time since their founding days.

Speaking of founding, it is important to recognize that the person behind it, Fredrik Elmqvist, had once been a CEO at NetEnt, the industry leader when it comes to online gaming software. Considering his tendencies for progress, and the company’s potential to handle such an endeavor, it was only a matter of time before Yggdrasil came out with the announcement of entering the table games vertical.

The Malta-based company has been working on their in-house software product in order to provide a whole new level of table gaming and make an impression on the industry as a whole. And, considering the fact that no titles have been released so far, yet they have made the talk of the year, it is bound to be a major success. 

The Games to Come – What Should Players Expect

Yggrasil Redux TechnologyYggdrasil has been setting the stage for their release for quite some time, considering that they have made their announcement at the start of 2018. In an attempt to build up some degree of suspense, the company has offered players a glimpse at the new and improved look of online casino table games through a promotional video. It displays all the major features of the upcoming releases, and through its animation indicates that the games expected from this provider are no less lifelike.

The REDUX technology that they developed as an in-house product is said to be the backbone of the entire endeavor. It aims to combine the capabilities of live dealer gaming software and regular Random Number Generator casino technology, while at the same time reaching for next level visual and audio effects.

One major feature is the personalization level expected to be offered through this online gaming platform. Players should be able to tailor-fit and customize every element of the gameplay, starting from the casino floor, table, felt, the dealer’s appearance, clothes, and anything else you can think off. While the customization is amazing, the games are revolutionary due to a different feature. Namely, the dealers working on these table games are a mix of top-of-the-line animation and live casino tech. The promo video and official announcement have indicated that these animations will feature hand gesture capabilities, reactions, and expressions, thus making them as realistic as possible without the massive expenses incurred by the real face-to-face live casino experience that requires a studio, extremely expensive video recording and transmission equipment, as well as hiring an actual dealer.

Hence, there is more to this entire release than the single purpose of making a new game for the pool of online casino players. Yggdrasil Gaming is definitely looking to make a name for themselves with this breakthrough in online casino and table game platforms. What is more, they are looking into the functional aspect of the matter, but the main purpose of this endeavour is achieving player satisfaction on a completely new level.

The Pending Blackjack & Roulette Release – When Should Players Expect It

With such information regarding the game appearance, functionality and overall entertainment effect, it is no wonder that players are impatient to get their hands and bankrolls on it. The official information shared by Yggdrasil Gaming states that the first release should be available sometime during Q1 of 2018. This claim has later been supported by their co-operators, the online casino platforms part of the Jackpotjoy Group.

Yggrasil Roulette & BlackjackConsidering the fact that the company wanted to keep things as secretive as possible, interests have risen all the more, and new information has surfaced since the release. Blackjack is said to be the first release out of the line of table games that are supposed to put the Yggdrasil game portfolio front and centre. Shortly afterwards, baccarat and roulette should join the blackjack table at the two casino brands that made the announcement, Intercasino and Vera&John, both part of Jackpotjoy Group.

It is only natural that both operators are just as thrilled at the upcoming prospect as the player base, considering the statement made by the Yggdrasil Gaming CPO, Kryzsztof OpaÅ‚ka, definitely builds up everyone’s expectations:

“It won’t just be a single player trying to beat the house, but instead thousands of real players from all over the world, who are all able to join the game simultaneously with the aim of hitting big hands and bigger wins”

With the idea of playing along with a global player base, there is no doubt Yggdrasil is destined to bring even more to the table. Speaking of it, the head of gaming at Jackpotjoy Group, Victor Olinger, has made a statement of their own, emphasizing the importance of such revolutionary types of game releases:

“Yggdrasil is a well-known name across the industry that has become a byword for innovation in the slots sector. It is fantastic news to hear they are turning their attention to table games. It is a major coup to be the first operator to go live with Yggdrasil's table games, and we look forward to bringing this exciting new product to our full customer base this year.”

With the two leading figures of the involved entities praising each other’s work, there is no doubt the effect will be most beneficial for everyone involved.

Yggdrasil Casino Table Games (A Game Changer?)

Yggdrasil Casino Table Games (A Game Changer?)

24th May 2018

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