Ten of the Best Halloween Online Slots

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Ten of the Best Halloween Online Slots

27 Oct 2017

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An age-old tradition that has withstood the test of time, Halloween has moved from a day filled with mystery, magic and superstition into a family and community holiday. It is a big day that is marked by families and communities within a shared neighborhood featuring largely in it. Dracula and Frankenstein, ghosts and ghouls, pumpkins and candy, princes and princesses play a big role in the dress up that is part of this day. Can you imagine a world where Halloween is open to you every day of the week throughout the year? Well, look no further than the online slot games that not only challenge you but give you that never-ending thrill with the Halloween games. Below are top ten slots that will transport you to Halloween and have you begging for more.

Beautiful Bones Slot

This is one of the most recent Halloween games by Microgaming slots. Having been released in May 2017, Beautiful Bones is a most recently developed tribute to the dead. Not surprising since Halloween has a huge chunk of it relating to the dead. From showing respect to celebrating the dead, the chills gotten at Halloween are replayed as you play this game.

Beautiful Bones Slot

These games’ graphics are life-like. Being colorful and almost cheerful to scary, your heart will keep on racing as if you were at a side-walk on a dark Halloween night tricking or treating. The music has a Mexican theme which is unsurprising since the game is informed by the Mexican Halloween history. You will fall in love with the beautiful characters that come to life whenever you win or go through a milestone in the game.

The Beautiful Bones symbols in this game are six; made of numbers and letters. With a regular grid of 5 reels and 3 rows, you get 243 paylines and 30 coins. There is no option for choosing the number of coins but you have reign over the coin value. The maximum wager is £30 which is quite low as compared to other online slots. You can manipulate your wager using the positive and negative betting buttons. If you get four card symbols, you can be sure to get at least as much as you wagered or even twice as much. The other five symbols are of dead masked characters of men and women. The women have more value placed on them as opposed to the men. For the symbols, you can easily get a low payout even with two symbols. If you, however, land five symbols of the same lady, it is jackpot time, easily earning ten times your wager. 

With the Beautiful Bones slot, you get a free spin if you collect at least 10 scatter symbols like sugar skulls. You can set the spin to automatic form and it can spin, 10, 25, 50 or 100 times but you can also stop it whenever you so wish. The Return To Player (RTP) percentage for this game is at 96.55% assuring you that it is fair in terms of winning chances.

Halloween Witch

Lucky Witch Online Slot

Has Halloween ever passed without a witch making an appearance? Whether evil or good, Halloween can never be complete without that pretty sexy witch. How about if you make a date with this witch who will not only spice your time on the game but also line your pocket with a win of up to 30,000 coins in the Halloween online slot? The Lucky Witch Online Slot is an online game with five reels and 15 paylines.

You get four different rounds with a Mystery Magic Potion Bonus, Pumpkin Bonus, Secret Vault Bonus and a Spell Book Bonus at your disposal during the game. The sexy witch is a big part of the gorgeous animations that can give you a 15,000 coin payout. There are also other animations but the sexy witch offers the biggest payout. This game is a typical Halloween favorite with the familiar Lucky Witch Rat logo that substitutes for the sexy witch. In addition, in true Halloween fashion, you also have the symbols of a black cat, owl and iguana. 

Other magical symbols that are known to facilitate the commune with the spirits are the crystals, gargoyles, black cats, iguanas ancient scroll, witchy concoctions and potions, pumpkins, book-reading owls, a Mystery Bonus Logo with a topping of a Lucky Witch Symbol. The Lucky Witch Slot also features Stacked Wilds to enhance your chances of winning, Free Spins, Multipliers and four Mystery Bonus games that gives you a combination of a possible win. You can never go wrong with the Multipliers that up your chances of winning.

So Many Monsters Online Slot

Halloween is a period of fun, adventure and exploration and how best to spend it that exploring the Halloween games at your disposal? So Many Monsters Online Slot is a Halloween game launched in September 2014 by Microgaming, just for this purpose; thrill during Halloween. Characterized by five reels and 25 paylines, this game will give you the coveted Halloween kick all year round. You get free spins and symbols split to enable you increase your chances of winning.

The Wild symbols and Scatter symbols that are featured in the So Many Monsters Online Slot game give you a chance of getting returns in the wagers you make. This game can be played at the computer as well as on your mobile phone. So even if you are on the go, you can carry on with the Halloween experience.

Halloweenies Online Slot

Just as the name suggests, this game was obviously designed for Halloween by Microgaming. If you think that you are in for an eerie, spooky and horrific game, then you are wrong. Halloweenies Online Slot may sound spooky but it is not a cliché Halloween experience. This game is more comical than anything. 

As you play this game, you get the Halloween pumpkin bonus coupled with free spins in a bonus round. The Halloweenies Online Slots has a five reel and 20 payline. For enhanced winning chances, this game features a 100-coin slot for multiple paylines. It features Wild and Scatter Symbols with three or more Pumpkin symbols on the five reels jumpstarting the Pick a Pumpkin bonus that can get you a cool 5,300 coins. 

You have free reign over the choice of pumpkins that will give you the best bonus winnings. With three or more scatter symbols on the reels, you get 14 Free Spins while a bonus game will earn you an additional 13 free spins. It is a pretty sweet game associated with a spooky day. 

Trick or Treat Slot

trick or treatThe Trick or Treat Slot game is named by its designer, Microgaming, in true Halloween fashion after the age-old tradition of trick and treating. Don’t worry for the introvert who does not fancy actual tricking or treating, you do not have to worry about actually going out for such an adventure. You can have an experience form the comfort of your home. This game has a collection of three reel slots and three paylines. 

The unique feature of this low number of paylines is that for each of the three paylines, you can boast of a jackpot with each spin. If you are able to get three pumpkins in a row in any of the three paylines, you can be sure of taking home 1,000 coins for the number one payline, 2,000 coins for the second payline and 4,000 coins for the third payline. Despite the payline being low in number as compared to other online slots, the payout makes up for it with the attractive cash out that you get from the winnings.

As the name denotes Halloween, so does the symbols used in the game; the symbols are the typical Halloween style candy, bats and jack-o’-laterns that are popularly utilized in the Halloween trick and treating process. It goes without saying that this game will get you into the Halloween spirit no matter what time of the year it is. 

Witches Wealth Online Slot

Halloween can never be complete without witches. Witches Wealth Online Slot will give you a thrill with its eeriness and the promise of a payout. This game by Microgaming has nine paylines that are completely optional. It is a themed bonus game that allows you to get a bonus whenever you trigger the bonus game on the online slot. 

If you happen to trigger the bonus game, you receive a bonus game that will award you a huge payout. This is especially so if a witch flies through the night sky. Like the witch pictured on Halloween, this Witch would fly into the night sky on her broom and stays put on the broom despite the unusual range of objects falling from the sky. You will be guaranteed a large cash payout if she makes it safely from one end of your screen to the other end. It is a nerve-wrecking, nail biting game that is worth it.

Boogie Monsters Slot

Halloween is always characterized by the boogie monsters that many feel spooked about. Well, Boogie Monsters Slot is a game by Microgaming that has 40 paylines and 13 free spins. When you play, you can get a multiplier that is five times, allowing you a choice that may earn you a Bat Finding bonus. This Bat Finding bonus offers winning chances that will chase the Boogie Monsters away.

Peek-A-Boo 5 Reel Online Slot

Halloween is all about scary creatures, mystery and not forgetting the dead. Peek-A-Boo Online Slot fits the bill well with a ghostly surprise that shows itself within the game as you play. The surprise indicates that you can actually have 1,024 ways of winning whenever you get free spins. You also need to be on the look-out for the Ghost Zap feature in this game that was launched in January 2015 by Microgaming. 

The Ghost Zap feature earns you cash whenever a ghost is nabbed. So, how would you know if a ghost is caught? Well, Peek-A-Boo Online Slot has a Ghost Meter where the more ghosts you nab and add into your meter, the more free spins you get and this can translate to winnings. Talking of winnings, the Wild symbols, Scatter symbol and the Expanding Wild all contribute to your winning in this game that has five reels and 40 paylines.

Halloween NightHaunted House Online Slot

Now this is the ultimate Halloween experience with Halloween House Online Slot game that has five reels and 20 paylines. With the ghouls, bats and ghosts, a night of terror is brought into life in the Haunters House Online Slot. As you hunt for the haunted riches, you also get a chance to strive to have some actual riches in terms of winnings. You can line your pockets with these winnings when you activate the Haunted House bonus, a feature that enables you to get at least 15 spins. 

Of the 15 spins, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that each spin is a winner. Your chances of winning are increased by the Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol. This game was launched in October 2015 by Microgaming and Big Time Gaming, giving you a taste of spooky Halloween.

Haunted Night Online Slot

From a Haunted House to a Haunted Night, how much worse can Halloween get? You need to have a thick skin and shock absorbers to experience some dire encounters on this night that is haunted. The Haunted Night Online Slot has five reels and 243 playlines. This shows that there are 243 ways that you can actually win which is a higher option than in most Halloween games.

This Online Slot game developed and supported by Microgaming Genesis Gaming offers bonus spins for more chances of winning. Its theme is spooky and is not for the faint-hearted so strap yourself in for the Halloween ride of your life with this game.


These games do not replace the authenticity of Halloween although they are innovative and can give novel ideas on how to better celebrate and mark this day. The beauty of the games is that they can be accessed all year round so the Halloween spirit never really goes away. So depending on what character or role you want to take, log in and transport yourself into that desired world.

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