Live Blackjack Casinos, Tips & Strategies

Date   28 Jun 2016 | Category   Casino Guides | Author   Bruce Raynor

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Live Blackjack Casinos, Tips & Strategies

28 Jun 2016

Casino Guides

Find the best places to play Live Blackjack casino and pick up some hints at and tips when playing this classic online casino game. 

While it’s hard to replicate the atmosphere of casino blackjack, live dealer blackjack comes pretty close. After all, you have a real dealer, casino table, and other players streamed directly through your PC or mobile device. If you’re looking for advice on how to beat this fantastic game, keep reading as we discuss live blackjack tips, strategies and good sites where you can play.

Live Blackjack Tips

The good thing about live dealer blackjack is that it plays the same as regular online blackjack. This means that basic strategy applies to the live dealer casino games. An easy way to execute basic strategy is to get a blackjack strategy chart off the internet. These charts show all the correct moves to make in any given situation based on your cards and the dealer’s upcard.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to never take insurance. This is offered to you whenever the dealer’s upcard is an ace, and it pays 2:1 on your insurance bet. But given that the odds of the dealer having a blackjack in this situation are only 9:4, you’ll lose the insurance wager too often to make it worthwhile.

One more point worth making is that you should only play at live dealer tables that offer 3:2 payouts on your natural blackjacks (not 6:5 payouts), and where the dealer must stand on a soft 17. These two rules together lower the house edge by 1.6% and give you a better chance to win.

Where to Play Live Blackjack?

We’ve found a number of quality UK live dealer casinos that offer great blackjack action. Some of our favorite live blackjack casinos include 888casino, BetAt Casino, BetFred, Casino Luck, Dunder Casino, Rizk Casino, BetSpin Casino and Mr. Green.

Evolution Blackjack & Blackjack Party

Evolution's Live Dealer product is one of the best live casino products in the world and is available at quite a number of the casinos listed right here at Check out our complete list of Evolution Casinos in our exclusive guide to Evolution games and casinos.

Live Blackjack Strategy

It’s wise to only play blackjack stakes where you’re risking 5% or less of your bankroll on any given bet.

This amount allows you to play lots of hands and survive variance as you look to have a winning session. Also, keep your bets low until you gain experience on the tables and are familiar with the live dealer atmosphere. These tables can be distracting and cause you to make poor decisions every now and then, so you don’t want to bet too much until you’re ready for live dealer tables.

The Martingale Blackjack System

One strategy employed by many Live Blackjack players is to adopt the Martingale System that is known as a progressive betting pattern. Put simply you start out at a low stake and play a round, if you lose that round in the next Blackjack round you then double your stake. This should result in a win covering your previous stake, unless of course you lose in which case you need to double up again in the next deal. However - and this bit is important - this strategy assumes you have an unlimited bankroll and also that there are no upper limits at the table which is rarely the case. 

For example if you were to start out your bets at £1.00 per bet and lost 10 rounds in a row this would be the result using the Martingale Blackjack system:

  • £1.00 bet lost = -£1.00 total
  • £2.00 bet lost = -£3.00 total
  • £4.00 bet lost = -£7.00 total
  • £8.00 bet lost = -£15.00 total
  • £16.00 bet lost = -£31.00 total
  • £32.00 bet lost = -£63.00 total
  • £64.00 bet lost = -£127.00 total
  • £128.00 bet lost = -£255.00 total
  • £256.00 bet lost = -£511.00 total
  • £512.00 bet lost = -£1023.00 total

So whilst you'd be pretty unlucky to lose 10 times in a row it's still possible and at some point during this strategy you may end up unable to cover your previous bet due to table limits. Because of this it's not really a reccommended strategy, although its interesting in its mathmatical possibilities.


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