Treasure Mine Slot

Treasure Mine Slot

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Go on a wild ride through the treasure mines with an exciting chance to win up to £60,000.

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Treasure Mine Slot
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Treasure Mine Slot Game Details

Treasure Mine Slot Game Details
Game Type Slot Machine
Casino Software Red Tiger Gaming Red Tiger Gaming
Release Date 1st October 2017
RTP Payout % 95.20%
Coin Sizes 0.01 - 1.50
Bet Stakes 0.20 - 60.00
Max. Win 60,000
Reels 5
Rows 4
Paylines 40
Treasure Mine Slot Game Features
Free Spins
Bonus Feature
Stacked Wilds
Falling Symbols
Progressive Jackpot

If you are one of the classic slot players who still like to reminisce on the days of the old coins, fruits and jewel slot machines, then Treasure Mine is bound to be your hidden gem. This title is a release by the software providing company Red Tiger Gaming, a relatively recent addition to the industry on the whole that has impressed players all the more both for their game offering’s quantity and quality.

Speaking of Treasure Mine in particular, the title itself indicates that Red Tiger Gaming developers were thinking in the lines of olden excavators, piercing through to the heart and core of the Earth in a quest for the natural wealth and riches hidden within. This slot’s storyline is also interlined with the specific character of Redbeard, the miner, a common figure in ancient Nordic mining and digging stories. Had this not been enough to get players into the game, Red Tiger Gaming included the archetypal theme of these peoples’ fight with dragons as the final stroke of the brush to the ultimate masterpiece.

Treasure Mine slot is available most new slot sites that offer Red Tiger games as part of their games portfolio. In this review we cover everything you need to know about this new and exciting slot game.

Treasure Mine Slot Details

When it comes to delving into this slot’s details, it is best to go for a dust off around the surface – the general layout of the Treasure Mine slot indicates the workings of a typical mine from first sight. Namely, the slot’s reel grid is placed onto a railroad which is quite commonly found inside mines and other excavation units as the only means of transportation, both of people and cargo.

Once you look into the insides of the slot, i.e. its grid structure, you are bound to note all the more theme representations across its 5-reel 4-row reward provider. Namely, all the characters and objects normally involved in the process of excavating a mine, as well as telling old dragon stories, are rightfully presented onto the reel grid. Starting off with the regular symbols that don’t trigger any special features when found in winning combinations on any of the 40 fixed paylines, there is the unavoidable hammer. This is in fact the highest-paying symbol among these, with a 240x return on your stake amount per spin, should you be lucky enough to land five of them across the reels at once. The miners’ hat is another symbol worth spinning for, with a 200x return.

Other than these, the miners’ glasses and the lantern serve both to enhance the player’s presence inside a mine, and still provide a good payout. Low-paying symbols are represented by the cards A, K, Q, J and 10. As for the highest paying symbol on this slot’s reels in general, players will need to land the Wild – five of these at a single spin return 320x your original stake amount.

Special symbols that trigger all kinds of features when found in mutual correlation are the three special Wilds. One of them is the Blue Dragon, known to breathe fire among storytellers, which is why this symbol does its most generous deeds to the players with its fiery breath. The second Wild of this sort is the Redbeard Wild – this miner is, after all, the icon of the treasure hunters, and does make regular appearances on the railroad at the slot’s base, so it is only fair that it be represented on the reels as well.

Ultimately, the Treasure Strike Wild offers players treasures of all kinds – gems, diamonds and coins – rewarding players whenever it lands in combination with one of the two just mentioned. Same variety of riches and wealth is also available once you land the corresponding combination of the Bonus Treasure Run symbol – a rail cart with you as Redbeard inside it, ready to take off on a collecting adventure.

Treasure Mine Slot RTP%

While the slot is classified among medium-volatility titles with an RTP of 95.2%, all the rewarding features you have yet to learn about are definitely bound to show the slot’s most rewarding side. 

Treasure Mine Slot Special Features

Most slot developers aim to include at least one special feature in order to reward players for choosing their product, but Red Tiger Gaming have definitely done more than that. Considering the number of special Wilds, apart from the regular Wild and its massively generous nature, these features are not too far behind. In fact, they depend on the combination between the three Wilds.

Treasure Mine Special Feature – Redbeard & Treasure Strike Wild

Should these two Wild symbols land on the reels at the same time, the slot’s animation allows Redbeard to jump over to the treasure-filled symbol and start collecting as much as possible. After all, this is mining in its most basic form, without the use of any extra equipment or skills.

Treasure Mine Special Feature – Dragon & Treasure Strike Wild

While the Redbeard Wild sends their character over to the Treasure Strike to collect as much as possible, the Dragon employs a different tactic. It uses its own breath of fire to heat up the treasures and cause them to expand as any law of physics would confirm. To be more precise, the Treasure Strike Wild symbols multiply and become all the more numerous under the Blue Dragon’s fire.

Treasure Mine Special Feature – Dragon & Redbeard Wild

While the jewels didn’t have much of an issue being subject to the fire, Redbeard is of a different opinion, but none the less rewarding. Namely, should these two special Wilds land on the reels at the same spin, the Dragon is expected to release its breath towards Redbeard, who runs across the slot’s reel grid, leaving behind him a trail of the regular Wilds mentioned above as the highest-value symbols on the slot’s reels.

Treasure Mine Slot Verdict

Like many Red Tiger Gaming slot software products before it, this title has managed to retain the characteristic theme consistency that sets their games apart from the rest, making them attractive for a much wider player audience. And with their wide and fully optimized platform compatibility across desktops and mobile devices, ratings and demand for excavation sites down at Treasure Mine are bound to grow all the more.

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