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Minotaurus Slot

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Roar like a Minotaur and as this online slot attempts to live up to the legend

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Minotaurus Slot
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Minotaurus Slot Game Details

Minotaurus Slot Game Details
Game Type Slot Machine
Casino Software Endorphina Endorphina
RTP Payout % 96.00%
Coin Sizes 0.01 - 5.00
Bet Stakes 0.01 - 5000.00
Max. Win 500,000
Reels 5
Rows 10
Minotaurus Slot Game Features
Free Spins
Bonus Feature
Stacked Wilds
Falling Symbols
Progressive Jackpot

Endorphina, the online gaming software developer brings us the Greek-inspired slots game Minotaurus Slot revolving around the legendary Minotaur. When you start the game, you're immediately struck with the rich and atmospheric visual design. the slots are rolled in to what appears to be a dark hallway deep within a dungeon, illuminated only by a pair of flickering torches.

The actual design of the game itself adheres largely to the traditional slots setup, with your rows of slots, pay lines, and betting options found where you would expect. Minotaurus certainly has the potential to draw you in.


When you first open up the game, you are immediately bombarded with a rich tapestry of Greek-inspired imagery, sounds, and nomenclature. From the word “Minotaur” rendered in the Greek alphabet to the ambient effects and graphics, the game succeeds in creating a rich atmospheric effect, drawing the user in and making them feel as though they were dropped straight into the Labyrinth of legend. The design of the slot icons draws from various aspects of Greek myth and culture, with the icons of Ariadne and Theseus, the Spartan helmets and shields, even the rock-hewn lettering all tying in to the hodge-podge of Greek mythos and history.

The central theme of the game revolves around the Minotaur, the mythical half-man, half-bull creature of Greek legend. While the game itself does not offer any innovative features, the effort put into its design does not leave the player wanting for further visual or auditory stimulation.


The game’s set-up is fairly intuitive: you have up to 10 paylines on the side of the reels and your per spin wager selection on the bottom. Options to change the graphics and sound are at the top-right corner, and you can adjust the coin size you wager by clicking the coin next to your credit amount – the amounts go from increments of 0.01 to increments of 1. You can adjust your betting amount for all of the lines in play at the bottom. Free spins do not exist in this title, but you do have the opportunity to get re-spins if you hit the Minotaur symbols, something that is covered more in-depth below.


If you do not want to click every time you wish to roll the reels, the game offers an auto-roll feature that can be adjusted fairly extensively in the menu. You are given a lot of control over how the auto-spinner should act, in both determining how long it goes for and when it stops. These features may appeal to those who want to play a large number of games quickly, but still have a say over when the auto-spin feature comes to an end. The same menu also offers the chance to adjust your graphics and sound settings, as well as the language you play in.


The game’s payout and prize progression can be described as fairly lacking, as the game does not offer progressive jackpots, and multipliers do not exceed 1,000x your original bet. No bonus rounds exist save for a single extra called the Minotaur Round, which gives you a chance to double your winnings or lose your staked bet.

While the lack of these features may seem off-putting to some potential players, the opportunity exists to win big if you manage to rack up Minotaur symbols. Finding these symbols can activate re-spins, as they act as the in-game wilds. Re-spins can continue until you reach a winning combination. These also serve to increase the multipliers based on the icons you get, with the multiplier rising to 1,000x.

This is where the game’s unique feature can come into play, and it plays neatly into the mythology surrounding the Minotaur. Once you hit a winning combination, you have the option to either take your winnings or take a gamble. This, in effect, is the game’s bonus round. You have the chance to navigate the Labyrinth and double your earnings, but if you encounter a Minotaur then you lose everything. The risk is high, but it can be well worth it to earn the additional payout.


Minotaurus Slots serves as a competent slots game for those who enjoy playing the reels, even if doesn’t offer some of the sky-high jackpots big risk-takers might want to see. The game’s interface is intuitive and simple enough to use, and the menu offers quite an array of options to customise the behaviour of your auto-spinner, as well as adjusting the graphics and sound setting of the game. It may not appeal to high rollers, but this fun and well-designed game still serves its purpose well.

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