Barber Shop Uncut Slot

Barber Shop Uncut Slot

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Get ready for a close shave in the new Barber Shop Slot Uncut edition with Respins and inwinity Spin

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Barber Shop Uncut Slot
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Barber Shop Uncut Slot Game Details

Barber Shop Uncut Slot Game Details
Game Type Slot Machine
Casino Software Thunderkick Thunderkick
RTP Payout % 97.00%
Coin Sizes 0.10 - 100.00
Bet Stakes 0.10 - 100.00
Max. Win 60,000
Reels 5
Rows 40
Barber Shop Uncut Slot Game Features
Free Spins
Bonus Feature
Stacked Wilds
Falling Symbols
Progressive Jackpot

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The barber shop used to be an important institution in the life of almost every man. People would go there to get a trim and a shave, hear the latest gossip, have a nice chat with their neighbours and friends and get on with their lives. Not so long ago it used to be a place of social gathering, much like the cafes or burger joints these days.

Thunderkick’s Barber Shop Uncut will definitely make you feel nostalgic for the time when a visit to the barber shop was a daily occurrence, even if you’re not old enough to remember those days. The current version of the slot is an update on the original game which was discontinued. The updated and refreshed game was released in the summer of 2017 to the joy of the fans of the original game, but also many other players. 

Barber Shop Uncut Slot Graphics

The sound effects in this game are quite retro and you’ll feel like you’re watching one of the first sound films. The reels spin extremely fast, it’ll almost make you feel dizzy. All the symbols have to do with the theme, and the background on which the reels are set is the interior of a classic barber shop.

There are no flashy colours, light shades of green and blue are used and the frame for the reels is transparent. The symbols are drawn, yet very realistic, both the objects and the characters. There are short animated sequences that appear after winning combinations.

Barber Shop Uncut Slot Wagering Details

The grid is standard with 5 reels and 3 rows. There are 40 paylines which are always active. The stake isn’t determined per payline and there aren’t any coins in the classic sense of the word. You can wager from 10p and up to £100. The stake amounts are rounded to £75, £50, £20, £10 and then £7.50p, £5, £3, £2, £1.50p, £1, £50p and 20p. You just need to press the coin button and then choose from the offered stake amounts.

The game also has an auto play button, which will allow you to set the game running for a number of free spins, without having to press the button manually each time. The maximum jackpot that you can win in this game is 1,500. 

Barber Shop Uncut Slot Symbols

The symbols are items and characters that you would typically see in a barber shop. The objects are symbols of lower value. It starts with a comb, an old-fashioned shaving brush, scissors and an old-fashioned razor blade. The payment per combination depends, understandably, on the wagered amount.

If you wager £1, you will receive 10p for a combination of 3 combs or shaving brush symbols, and 20p for the scissors and the razor. Five combs pay an amount equal to the wager, five brushes pay £1.20p, five scissors £1.50p and five razors pay £2.

Next we have the five characters, the guy with the small hat and the large moustache, the ginger-haired guy with a trimmed beard, the guy with the barrette and moustache, the man with the red beard and the blond man with the thin moustache. These symbols pay a lot more than the items. The blond man is the best paying symbol, a combination of five means that you will win a prize of £15 if your initial wager was £1, and even with just three such symbols you will receive more than the initial wager.

Then there’s a bonus symbol, which is just the word bonus written across a square. This symbol can substitute any other symbol.

Barber Shop Uncut Slot RTP

With its return to player percentage of 97%, Barber Shop Uncut is as good as it gets, as you will hardly find a game with such a fair RTP that gives you winning chances higher by at least 0.50% or even a full percent point more than most other online slots.     

Barber Shop Uncut Slot Bonus Features

Barber Shop Uncut offers some interesting bonus features. Whenever a winning combination of at least three symbols is formed, the re-spin feature is activated. The symbols that form the winning combination remain in place, whereas the rest of the symbols are substituted.

This is very handy because it gives an opportunity for an even larger winning combination or a second winning combination to be formed. If another symbol is added to the winning combination during the re-spin, then the reels will spin again. The reels will keep spinning as long as new symbols are added to the winning combination.

There’s also a standard free spins bonus which is activated by at least five bonus symbols. The bonus symbols don’t need have to form a combination, they can be anywhere on the reels. You will start with 10 free spins, but for every bonus symbol that appears on the reels during the free spins you will receive 2 extra spins per symbol. The maximum free spins amount is 30 and all winnings during the free spins are multiplied by 3.

The Inwinity feature (word play of Infinity) is activated after all free spins have been used. With this feature the reels will keep on spinning unless there’s a winning combination. So technically, you can receive an unlimited number of spins, but only one of them will be a winning spin, no matter how many spins you play in total. 

Barber Shop Uncut Slot Verdict

Thunderkick made the right thing when they reintroduced Barber Shop Uncut. It is clearly visible that a lot of effort has been put into this game, starting from the concept itself, onto the graphic features and the gameplay and bonuses. The ultra-speed spinning of the reels is quite mesmerising, it practically keeps you glued to the game. The RTP is definitely above-average and the prizes that you can hit, especially in the bonus games are quite hefty.

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