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Ace Stratchcards

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Pick up a Scratchcard and scratch your way to an instant win of up to £50,000

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Ace Stratchcards
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Ace Stratchcards Game Details

Ace Stratchcards Game Details
Game Type Scratch Card
Casino Software NetEnt NetEnt
RTP Payout % 87.50%
Bet Stakes 2.00 - 2.00
Max. Win 50,000
Ace Stratchcards Game Features
Free Spins
Bonus Feature
Stacked Wilds
Falling Symbols
Progressive Jackpot

If you're an old school gambler you are probably quite familar with the concept of scratchcards. Ususally you'll find scratchcards in the same places where you can play the lottery such as petrol stations, supermarkets and local corner shops. Now you can also play scratchcards online for the same instant win courtesy of NetEnt. 

NetEnt Ace Scratchcards are the online incarnation of your more traditional style scratchcards that we all know and love. The concept is simple, buy a scratchcard at a fixed price, scratch away, match some symbols and grab an instant win. 

How to play NetEnt Ace Scratchcards

In the case of Ace Stratchcards the purhcase price is set at £2.00 per card. You can choose between three different "scratchers", an Ace Coin a Paper Clip or a Button. Alternatively you can just use the Scratch All feature to reveal any winning lines. All you must do here is match up three of the same amounts to win the amount stated.

To add an extra level of spice this particular flavour of scratcard has an additional multiplier section that you can reveal to boost any winnings you may have accrued. 

Scratchcard Paytable

The paytable in Ace Scratchcards is generated based on a total of 1,000,000 virtual scratchcards in existence. What this means is that your odds of winning the amount shown is X in a Million:

No. of Cards Win Amount
1 £50,000
1 £10,000
4 £5,000
5 £4,000
5 £2,000
10 £1,000
20 £500
25 £400
50 £200
100 £100
1,400 £50
2,000 £40
10,000 £20
30,000 £10
40,000 £5
90,000 £4
190,000 £2


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Ace Stratchcards Bonuses

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