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The untimely death of the Lord of Ultima franchise has brought shock to its many users as well as gaming experts. If you belong to the former category, then you must be hurting as much as we are! Now, as is our understanding, it's hard to fathom the game coming back anytime soon, the way it did back in 2014.

So, with that being said, we have to move onwards to new games similar to lord of Ultima RPG, isn't that right? Well, to make things easier for you, we have created this list of games that closely resemble Lord of Ultima in their make as well as the nature of play. We hope you mind something that elicits the same response from you as Lord of Ultima did!

1. Kings Age

This is a game with a difference. It belongs to the same category of games as did Lord of Ultima - MMORPG, browser based and catering to a large audience. Though it is a game with a different plot to follow and play style. This game is played with you starting off as a king of a rather menial kingdom, in a parallel universe. Once you land in such a world, the road further down is quite simplistic: Be a mighty conqueror!

To achieve this game decreed code, you are to expand your resources, create an impenetrable kingdom, build a mighty army, while trampling your competition along the way. Simple, right?

2. Imperia Online

Imperia Online is a game developed by a company of the same name, Imperia limited. This game is crafted beautifully and seems quite realistic when it comes to graphics. Though, it's quite violent and morose. You start off as a ruler of one of the four mighty kingdoms of the land, and from there you are required to conquer as well as completely annihilate and decimate your opponents.

It may seem fun to the more sinister amongst us, but to be truthful, sometimes it does give you a guilty pleasure!

3. Alpha Wars

This is a game published by Hoppe, who are known for their ready and hefty mix of Sci-FI games. Well, this game also stands true to the image built by Hoppe over the years. In this game, you start off as a commander with some set of guidelines to follow, quite aptly names as "quests". As you keep on completing these quests, you are given the chance to expand your army, as well as fortify your defenses.

After such an army is built, you can now attack and destroy your enemies. There is a little catch to it though; you could do it with the help of other players! The game's multiplayer mode lets you team up with other players in the game, and attack together to mount a longer lasting attack. But, do know that you are also open to one such attack. So make sure that your defenses are adept at handling it!

4. Tribal Wars 2

Tribal wars 2 is a game built by Inno games, and closely follows the success of the first iteration. The game, as compared to its first variation, has been made bigger, more beautiful and playable on a much larger scale. You start off as a king in the game's universe and are required to build up your resources to further your progress in the game.

Also, the game could be played in the multiplayer mode; in that, you could team up with like-minded players from the game's universe, and pool up your resources to completely suppress any competition. Well, as is now common with games falling into the same genre as Lord of Ultima, you can't have a free run, till you have ensured adequate safety measures back home. So, do keep your defenses rigidly in check, before you plan on proceeding!

5. Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

There would be hardly anyone amongst you who wouldn't have heard of the Command and conquer series. The game, or shall we say games? Have, over the years, build up quite the unmatched repute for themselves in the RTS scene. With this iteration, they have just set the bar higher for other games to replicate!

When you start the game, you are almost instantly transferred into the universe of the game. After you go through the initial cutscenes, which explains the story of the civilization to you; you are prompted to choose one amongst the many races up for grabs. From here the game tends to draw in more momentum, as you are required to have mastered the art of war, taking on various opponents that you are pitted against!

6. War of Legends

This is a game created by Ultizen studios and published by Jagex games studios ( the makers of Runescape and Runescape 3, among others ). The creator, as well as the distributor of the game, are quite the names to reckon within their sectors, and as such the game had a lot of expectations from it. Safe to say that it did live up to almost all the expectations that gamers had with the game.

You start the game with a small city at hand, then move on towards reaching higher goals. This process entails building up other such smaller cities, expanding upon your initial city to give it gigantic proportions and then further your progress from there. All of this may seem like a hard task initially, but once done, reaps you many benefits.

7. Grepolis

If you are a fan of the greek mythology, then this game wouls surely fit the bill. It is fact based and heavily addicting, and is bound to provide you with the same gamers high as would Lord of Ultima! This is another game published and created by Innogames ( from Tribal Wars 2 ), and is as stupendously wonderous as was tribal wars!

The best part about the game? You are free to chat with other players using the well laid out social media platforms ingrained within the game. This lets you build up alliances, break down alliances, and run free, all to your liking! Also, as you progress further into the game, you are to make a hard choice: Choosing a god. Do make sure you choose one that you believe in, we trust in you implicitly!

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