5 Smartwatch Sports Betting & Online Casino Features

Date   19 Jul 2016 | Category   Casino News | Author   Bruce Raynor

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5 Smartwatch Sports Betting & Online Casino Features

19 Jul 2016

Casino News

Ever since the Hamilton Watch Company released the Pulsar digital watch in 1972, computerized watches have grown more and more sophisticated. Now we have smartwatches, which have taken watch capabilities beyond anything we’ve ever known. What do these capabilities mean for you as an online gambler? Find out as we discuss 5 smartwatch features that will enhance your sports betting and online casino play.

1. Smartwatch Casino and Slot Games

Many online casinos have you download apps so that you can play through your smartphone or tablet and now many online casinos are also bundling in smartwatch apps. It’s now possible for you to play casino games via your smartwatch. The Sony Smartwatch, for example, already has a blackjack app that you can use to play blackjack for free plus there are already prototypes for online slots with surprisingly easy to use interfaces; the possibilities are there but the challenges of a small screen to interact with still remain an issue.

2. Virtual Sports Betting Concierge

Okay so your first though might not be about speaking with casino or sportsbook customer support through phone. But your smartwatch will allow you to do it because it’s integrated with your phone capabilities. Beyond calling casino customer service though, we’ve already seen attempts at virtual concierge services for online sports betting that utilize the same technology as Siri, Cortana and Google it won’t be long before you’ll be able to speak directly to your watch in order to place a bet. This takes things to the next level for VIP players think virtual betting concierge you can contact 24/7 from your smartwatch!

3. In Play Sports Betting

One of the best things about smartwatches is that they have many of the same capabilities as a smartphone. Already it’s possible to place bets on hundreds of different sports betting markets with a Smartwatch app available from Betfred Sportsbook that lets you bet in-play. Sure the interface is a little bit fiddly but it’s amazing to see what’s already possible from a tiny piece of wearable tech.

4. Smartwatch Cashout

Now this one definitely has the possibility to appeal for all punters that love to cash out. Forget the laborious task of keeping your mobile phone handy in order to monitor your cash out during crunch time in your favourite footie game.

With a Smartwatch you can now have your open bets displayed at all time, giving you the chance to watch the best bits of the game and still hit the cash out button when things look like they are going to turn against you – all without even touching your mobile phone.

4. Sports Betting notifications on your wrist

Arguably one of the best features on Smartwatch whether it’s an Apple Watch, Sony or a Samsung are the Push Notifications. From text messages to calendar events if you’re a smart watch user you’re no doubt already making use of notifications on the go. Combining this technology with feature such as the Smartwatch Cashout and there’s a recipe for a winning combination!

Above all, the best aspect of smartwatch gaming is that it’ll be even more convenient than a tablet or smartphone. The reason why is because you don’t need to hold anything – the watch is already attached to your wrist. So rather than having to pocket your smartphone or tablet in between quick gaming sessions, you can just keep it on your wrist.

Time will tell how people take to this new trend, we love seeing new technology emerge for the online casino industry here at TheCasinoDb and we’re certainly looking forward to see how casinos adapt to this new platform for gambling on the go.

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